Random rants

Just an Ordinary Boy
23 July

this is a place for a documentry of my thoughts....some of it is fucked up shit so in reading my stuff it is best to have an open mind......plus i like to whine on here alot so don't think thats ALL i do....though i kinda am whiny and emo and lazy and bunch of other stuff.....but trying to change that...kinda

i am diagnosed with OCD that recently (past 6 years) has been revolving around sexual obsessions include Gender Identity Disorder, extreme undecisevness,depression, and other crap related.
I have alot of other issues problems too...a plethora of problems(however you spell it)...many the same as other people my age and such....but then again don't we all....im not trying to martyr or make myself seem special....im just trying to express myself and figure my life out